Secure Your IPad

Enable Password Lock

It’s useless to make use of Find My iPad without password lock. Anybody finding your device before you decide to understand it’s missing has the capacity to instantly access all of your drenched in applications and accounts in addition to visit Configurations > iCloud and switch off Find My iPad.

My device have been lost for 8 hrs before I realized it had been missing. They might did considerable damage if they were dishonest capable to make use of the device.

Fortunately I’d password lock set on my iPad.

Entering your password if you make use of your device may appear bothersome, but you’ll appreciate getting taken the precaution should you ever lose your device.

Here’s how to setup passcodes:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Password Lock.
  2. Turn Passcodes On.
  3. Create a four digit PIN and confirm it.

Using Find My Phone

As soon as you’ve enabled Find My iPhone it is possible to log into iCloud on your computer and utilize it to find or erase a lost device.

simple as:

1.  Log into iCloud on your PC or MAC.

2.  Click on Find My iPhone.

3.  Click on Devices, if you have more than one device, and then click on the name of the device you are trying to locate.

4.  Now you have the option to Play a sound, enable Lost Mode or Erase the device.